TOTAL SCORE: 20094 strokes



Golfing across Mongolia

1 country, 1 golfer, 1 caddie, 82 days 2,000km, Par 14,000 – and 1 extreme charity golf adventure

Teeing off at 1am, on the 29th June 2017, from the base camp of Khüiten Peak, the highest and most western point in Mongolia, Adam Rolston will take the first of some 14,000 shots as he embarks on a World Record attempt at The Longest Hole in golf.

Accompanied by his ‘caddie’ and old rugby friend Ron Rutland, who will be man-hauling all their golf equipment and other gear in an especially designed cart, the pair will trek unsupported and unaided across the vast plains, valleys, mountains and deserts of one of the most sparsely populated and diverse countries on the planet.

As they head slowly east for the 18th green of the Mt Bogd Golf Club on the outskirts of the capital city, Ulaanbaatar, they will face the inevitable challenges of finding food and water, dealing with the region’s notoriously unpredictable and extreme weather, and generally having to keep up a relentless pace of play if they are to reach UB on the 17th September 2017 as planned, where Adam will putt out to bring this extraordinary challenge to a close.

The pair will play the hole completely within the spirit and laws of the game of golf, and will be tracking every shot and keeping score using a purpose-built app.

If the promise of a World Record, and the desire to undertake a hugely physically and mentally challenging adventure wasn’t enough motivation for the boys, they will be using the expedition as a platform to showcase the work of, and very importantly raise funds for, Laureus Sport for Good and the South African Golf Development Board (SAGDB).

Both Adam and Ron are passionate believers in the power of sport to uplift, and between Laureus, which uses the power of sport to end violence, discrimination and disadvantage, by supporting over 100 projects in 40 countries, and thus proving that sport really can change the world, and the SAGDB which focus on golf development in SA, there can be no better examples of this power being put to incredible use.

Golfer - Adam Rolston

Adam Rolston

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Caddie - Ron Rutland

Ron Rutland

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Base camp of Khüiten Peak, to the 18th hole of Mt Bogd Golf Club, Ulaanbaatar - 2,000km - 28th June to 17th September 2017

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